When I click "Enter" in a CTE Learn Module, Nothing Happens/ I Get a Blank Screen.


If you're trying to access the CTE Learn modules on a computer with a firewall, particularly those on school or institution networks, and find that you cannot access much or any of the content in the course, it's very likely that your network's server is simply blocking the content. Please try to access the site on a computer connected to a different Internet connection, such as your home computer.

If you still can't access the site or can't see the content, please ensure that all firewalls are allowing the website's content first, then email our help desk with details about the errors you're encountering. We'll be happy to help you get it resolved!

NOTE: Please check with your network administrator at your school to make sure that the firewall can permit the address of the CTE Learn server through your firewall. That address is

Pop-Up Blockers

The courses inside the CTE Learn all launch in pop-up windows. If your browser doesn't open a pop-up window when you try to get into the course module, you can take the following steps to trouble shoot:

  1. Ensure that you've turned off pop-up blocking on your browser, or at least allowed them for the course website.
  2. Ensure that the pop-up window isn't loading BEHIND your current browser. Minimize your browser to ensure there are no other browsers open.
  3. Disable ad-blocking extensions which may interpret the pop-up script as an advertisement and block them from view. 

If this still doesn't work, please email our help desk with the exact steps you're using and the browser and operating system on your computer and we'll be happy to help you resolve your issue!


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